Dr. Joshy P. Kuriakose a renowned psychotherapist, motivational expert, mind mentor and an expert in the realm of finance, with his base in Kuwait. A uniquely dichotomic combination of expertise fields which he ascribes to his applying the smart learning skills which he learned while pursuing his studies in psychology.After taking his graduation, post-graduation, Dr. Joshy started his career in the Middle East as Finance professional. His interest in the working of the human mind found him taking a deep plunge into the subject, as he read, interacted with globally renowned psychologists and psychiatrists, Concentration, Concentration Problem In Kids, Concentration Problem In Adults, Memory Problems, Memory Problems In Kids, Memory Problem In Adults,Stress Release Programme For Students,Stress Release Techniques For Adults,Study Related Problems In Kids,Not Interested To Go To School,Not Interested In Studies,While opening The Book Starts Sleeping,No Concentration In Study,No Interest In Studies,Sleeping During Studying,Feeling Thirsty While Studying,No Concentration While Studying,

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